Nanaimo Indoor Air Quality Testing

Might your poor home air quality be the reason for your family’s ailments? Most people spend the better part of their lives in their homes. We expect our homes to safe, but they could be hosting a number of air pollutants that are toxic to us and our families. These problem pollutants include mild air particles, as well as true health hazards; issues like mold, formaldehyde, and chemical fumes.


Is Your Family Constantly Getting Sick Or Suffering From Allergies?

Some home pollutants are brought by others. Pet dander is a perfect example – pets shed dander and leave it at your house. If, for example, your cat-allergic grandma has been sneezing a lot and she doesn’t have any pets, it could be because her friend (who owns a cat) has brought it with her.

To make matters worse, modern homes are built so airtight that while this may be wonderful for your energy bills, it makes it harder to home owners to ventilate their spaces and release contaminants into the environment. For those that have have allergies, asthma, or other bad respiratory conditions, you need to be particularly careful with the air quality in your home. But how do you know whether your home is clean or it is hosting pollutants? Contact us today for an indoor air quality test in Nanaimo to find out.

Our Nanaimo Indoor Air Quality Process

Modern PURAIR is exactly what you need if you’re looking for an accurate, effective, and affordable method for inspection and assessment of your indoor air quality. Our technicians provide a mobile air monitor which residents can plug in their home for ongoing management. With this meter, a PURAIR expert will analyze the results every three days by using 6 crucial air quality criteria which are determined by the Canadian Healthy Indoors Partnership. Within 24 hours of the Canary IAQ machine’s pick up, technicians will have your IAQ report ready or homeowners can access it over the internet.

Using state-of-the-art company equipment, our consultants test and measure residential and commercial properties for a range of toxic contaminants, pollutants, and particles and report on results against standards and guidelines. After every test, homeowners will receive an extensive report of all our findings. In the event that our specialist testing finds a multitude of pollutants, you have many options which include: cleaning up your home air using the DIY route, or using one of our products that achieves the same results in an efficient and affordable, cost-effective manner.


Why Choose Modern PURAIR For Your Indoor Air Quality Testing In Nanaimo?

As the clean air experts, Modern PURAIR has two decades of experience refining and ensuring compatibility with the latest developments in the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry.

Modern PURAIR offers its clients: PURAIR certified and trained personnel, fully compatible IAQ Workplace regulations with WCB and ASHRAE, high-efficiency vacuum removal services, and PUR CURx electrostatic filtration products and a UV lighting system.

At Modern PURAIR, we understand the importance of protecting your family’s health and productivity by ensuring a clean environment. So if you’re interested in taking advantage of Nanaimo air quality testing, contact us today.



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