Our Filter Maintenance Program In Nanaimo

Nanaimo furnace filters need to be properly cleaned and maintained or replaced, and we can make a customized filter with a maintenance schedule at the right frequency to help meet your needs. Dirt buildup in your ducts and coils reduces HVAC efficiency, facilitates microscopic organisms growth, and makes your system work harder and consume more energy.


What Is The Benefit Of A Filter Maintenance Program?

Clean filters trap and remove dirt particles that have built up in your Nanaimo HVAC system. If your filter is poorly maintained and clogged, it could potentially blow harmful dirt through your system or block air from passing through which will make it useless. Your HVAC will then need to be cleaned which will be a pricey and time-consuming affair.

What Do Nanaimo Furnace Filters Do For Your Home?

Furnace filters are intended for shielding the blower from elements such as dust, hair, and dirt drawn into the return duct. Once you filter out these elements, your home will be cleaner. Though filters aren’t primarily intended for air cleaning, they help achieve this outcome. At Modern PURAIR our technicians create a customized filter maintenance schedule specifically intended to meet your needs, and provides a one-stop shop for all your filter needs. Not only do we sell furnace filters, our technicians install and change them as well. By regularly maintaining your furnace filters, homeowners will be able to reduce energy bills and save on HVAC cleaning costs, all the while improving their home’s air quality.


How Do You Pick The Best Nanaimo Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are rated using MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) in values ranging from 1 to 16. While incredibly high efficiency filters reduce air flow and make your furnace work harder, a general rule is that the higher the furnace rating, the more efficient. Most residential properties require a MERV filter that ranges between 8 and 11. As the best option for furnace filters in Nanaimo, we stock minimum efficiency filters (MERV 8) and also provide a number of higher rated filters on request. Call us today and we will begin creating a schedule that best fits your filter needs.



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